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Faculty Resources

Forms and Templates   Room Reservations

Faculty Activity Template  [pdf]    [tex]    [Word file]
How to access your electronic activity folder
Departmental P&T Template
Letterhead and Webpage Templates
Department Web Forms
Fax Coversheet (editable pdf)
Sign up sheet for lunch/dinner


Calendar for Conference Room (331 Altgeld Hall)
To reserve Room 331, email Paula Luesse
To reserve other rooms, complete this reservation form or email

Service   Business and Employee Matters

Department Committees
Graduate Recruiting Information (faculty access only)
Staff Duty Assignments


Business Office
Human Resources
Feasibility Study of Altgeld / Illini Halls

Policies & Department Procedures   Teaching

Hiring information for department searches
Event Planning Guidelines
Emergency Operations Plan
Strategic Plan (2013)
Campus Administrative Manual
Department By-Laws
LAS 2013-14 Academic Year Information
Procedures of the Promotion and Tenure Committee
Department Policies


Leave Without Pay


Course Syllabi for Instructors
Teaching Policies
Teaching Resources
Teaching Assignments
Fall 2015 Graduate Timetable (Draft)
Graduate Student Photo Directory