Edge graceful Labelings (2008)

Originators: Tao-Ming Wang, Cheng-Chih Hsiao, Sin-Min Lee:    (presented by Hehui Wu - REGS 2009)

Definitions: For a nonnegative integer k, a graph G with n vertices and m edges is k-edge-graceful if there is a bijection f: E(G)→{k,k+1,&hellip,k+m-1} such that the function f+: V(G)→Zn is also a bijection, where f+(v) ≡ ∑uv∈E(G)f(uv) (mod n). Such a labeling is a k-edge-graceful labeling. The property of being 1-edge-graceful is also called simply edge-graceful.

For a graph G, the square of G, written G2, is the graph with vertex set V(G) in which vertices are adjacent if the distance between them in G is at most 2. In particular, Pr2, the square of an r-vertex path, has vertices v1,...,vr, with vertices adjacent if their indices differ by at most 2.

Background: Edge-graceful labeling was introduced by S. Lo [L3]. It is an analogue of the well-known concept of graceful labeling. An introduction to graceful labeling appears on Wikipedia [W]. A huge amount of information on graceful labeling and other types of graph labeling problems can be found in the dynamic survey by Gallian [Ga].

Conjecture 1: (Lee [L1]) Every tree with odd order is edge-graceful.

Comment: This is the edge-graceful labeling version of the famous Ringel-Kotzig Graceful Tree Conjecture. The necessary condition below requires n(n-1)/2 to be divisible by n for an n-vertex tree to be edge-graphs, and this never happens when n is even.

Conjecture 2: (Lee [L2]) A connected graph with n vertices and m edges is edge-graceful if and only if m(m+1)≡n(n-1)/2 (mod n).

Comment: Lo [L3] noticed that this condition is necessary for the existence of an edge-graceful labeling; the condition is called Lo's Condition. It follows by summing the edge labels at each vertex in an edge-graceful labeling and grouping the total by edges and by vertices. Sufficiency has been proved for some special classes of graphs, including maximal outerplanar graphs (Lee-Kitagaki-Young-Kocay [LKYK]), complete multipartite graphs with equal part-sizes (Lee-Seah [LS1]), powers of cycles (Lee-Seah [LS2]), and powers of paths (Shiu-Lam-Cheng [SLC]).

Conjecture 3: (Wang-Hsiao-Lee [WHL]) A connected graph with n vertices and m edges is k-edge-graceful if and only if m(m+2k-1)&equiv n(n-1)/2 (mod n).

Comment: Conjecture 3 generalizes Conjecture 2; necessity follows in the same way. When a graph is regular, the necessary condition for k-edge-graceful labelings holds if and only if Lo's Condition holds. The general condition is sufficient for existence of k-edge-graceful labelings of Pr2 when r is odd [WHL]. For even r, it is sufficient when r≤12, and the general case remains open.

Question 4: (Wang-Hsiao-Lee [WHL]) Determine the edge-graceful spectrum for Pr2 when r is even, where the edge-graceful spectrum of a graph G is the set of nonnegative integers k such that G is k-edge-graceful.

Comment: If the condition in Conjecture 3 is sufficient for a graph G, one may describe this by saying that the edge-graceful spectrum of G is full One may consider Conjecture 3 and Question 4 for other natural classes of graphs, such as higher powers of paths, grids, etc.

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