Results of the 2013 UI Fall Math Contests

This year's math contest season is off to a fantastic start, with record participation levels in the first two major contest events, the UI Freshman Math Contest held on September 23, 2013, and the UI Mock Putnam Exam, held on September 25, 2013. A combined total of 71 students participated in these contests, easily beating last year's record turnout of 58 students.

The UI Freshman Math Contest is an entry level contest that provides freshmen an opportunity to show their problem solving skills in direct competition against their peers. First offered in 2011, this contest has been spectacularly successful and it is now the most popular of our local math contests, with 40 students participating this year. Haidong Gong, a Freshman in Mathematics, and Xinglun Li, a Freshman in Physics, both earned a perfect score and shared the top prize in this year's edition of this contest; Tong Li, a Freshman in Chemistry, was the runner-up.

The UI Mock Putnam Exam is a long-running local version of the Putnam Exam, a nationwide math contest for undergraduates that has been dubbed the "world's toughest math test". The exam consists of six challenging math problems, similar in nature to problems on Putnam contests, but a bit easier. The winner of this year's edition was Luvsandondov Lkhamsuren, a Sophomore in Computer Science and the runner-up in last year's Freshman Math Contest. In second place was Yijun Cheng, a senior in Mathematics. Haidong Gong, a Freshman in Mathematics and co-winner of the UI Freshman Math Contest, and Moon Lee, a Senior in Mathematics, tied for third place.

The contests are organized by Professor A.J. Hildebrand and graduate student M. Tip Phaovibul.

Problems and solutions from the fall contests are available at the links below.

UI Math Contests Website