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About this Page

I will be covering Sections E1 and G1 of this course for Professor Heller from early November through Thanksgiving Break. This page,, will serve as a temporary course website during this period. You will find there basic information, announcements, homework assignments, and course handouts. I plan to keep this page up until the end of the semester.

Basic Information


We will begin the final part of the Math 347 syllabus, "Additional Topics". The goal of this part is to illustrate and practice the fundamental concepts, ideas, and proof techniques you've learned in Chapters 1-4 and 13-14 through selected topics from other chapters of the text. Our focus here will be on topics from number theory (Chapters 6 and 7 in the text), an area that, on the one hand, is an excellent proving ground for constructing and writing proofs, but on the other hand is also rich in interesting, fun, and famous problems. You will encounter famous proofs such as Euclid's proof on the infinitude of prime, famous theorems such as the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic, and famous numbers such as Mersenne and Fermat numbers, and you will learn what makes these numbers so special. You will also learn the story behind the famous "postmark prime" (google!), which was discovered right here at the UIUC CS Department.

Here is a tentative list of topics I plan to cover during the next two weeks:

I will provide handouts with the basic definitions and theorems for these topics, as well as worksheets with practice problems.

Homework Assignments

Class Diary, Handouts, and Worksheets

Emergency Information.

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