MATH 241 F1H: Calculus III Honors
Spring 2014
Professor A.J. Hildebrand

Final Exam Results and Course Grades

Final Exam Statistics: The final exam was worth 170 points, plus up to 5 bonus points. The highest scores were 166, 159, 158, and the median score 138/170.

Course grade: You can access your final exam score, and your total score and course grade, as usual at this link. The letter grade shown at the end of the online score display (including plusses and minuses) is your official course grade. This grade is based on the total number of accumulated points, with cutoffs chosen so as to minimize hardships and close calls. As a result, nobody was within 10 points of the next higher grade.

Viewing your final exam: Because of departmental policies I have to keep final exams for one year and thus cannot return the exam to you. However, if you want to see your final, I will hold a special Open House hour Monday, May 12, 5 pm - 6 pm, in 145 Altgeld. Alternatively, send me an email ( to set up another time.

Final words: This has been a great class to teach, and I was pleased with how it turned out in the end. I tried to make it a challenging, but also rewarding experience, and I hope you did get something out of this class beyond the material in the syllabus. If you have questions about other math courses and opportunities in mathematics, I'd be happy to discuss this with you. Good luck on your remaining finals, and all the best on the rest of your academic career here at Illinois!

Have a wonderful summer!


General Information, Course Policies, Exams, Grades, etc.

Assignments and Due Dates

WebAssign Homework Written Homework Due Date
Honors HW 5 May 5
HW 14 May 5
WA 13 HW 13 April 27/28
WA 12 HW 12 April 20/21
WA 11 HW 11 April 13/14
Honors HW 4 April 21
WA 10 HW 10 April 6/7
WA 9 HW 9 March 31/April 1
Honors HW 3 March 20
WA 8 HW 8 March 16/17
WA 7 HW 7 March 9/10
Honors HW 2 March 5
WA 6 HW 6 March 2/3
WA 5 HW 5 February 23/24
WA 4 HW 4 February 16/17
Honors HW 1 February 12
WA 3 HW 3 February 9/10
WA 2 HW 2 February 2/3
WA 1 HW 1 January 26/30

Class Diary

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