Math 213 F1

Midterm Exam 2 Information

Basic Information


The exam will on Sections 5.1 - 5.5 and 6.1 - 6.3, i.e., the material covered in class since the last midterm and through Monday, Oct. 11. Below is a more detailed syllabus. As a general rule, anything that is not explicitly excluded from the exam in the syllabus below is fair game for the exam. If you are not sure, ask!

Other information

Exam format: The exam will have 6 - 9 problems, usually with multiple parts; some may be in true/false, or multiple choice format. For combinatorial problems, which make up the bulk of this exam, the same rules as for the homework apply:

Past Math 213 exams. Click on this link for some old Math 213 exams. This should give you some idea of the length and difficulty level of the exam. In terms of material covered, however, they are not representative since the old exams were based on a different syllabus, so it would not make much sense to use these exams to prepare for our exams.

Tips on preparing for the exam:

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