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Illinois Mathematics Excellence Scholarships:
Invest in the future!

Your gift will help enable outstanding students to come to Illinois to study in the Department of Mathematics. Since 2012 the department has committed $300,000 to help 28 students, thanks to the generous support of our alumni and friends.

All students who are admitted to an undergraduate degree program in the Department of Mathematics (including Actuarial Science) will be eligible for a scholarship. The department currently offers four-year $6000/year scholarships.

Enter the amount and click the "Continue" button which will redirect you to the University of Illinois Foundation's secure site where you will complete your transaction.

Thank you for your contribution!

Help keep an Illinois education affordable for deserving students from all income levels, so that they can go on to solve the outstanding mathematical problems of our time. The total cost of attendance for an in-state student, including tuition and fees, room and board, books, and other expenses, is $30,638-$35,642 for 2016-2017.

Scholarships will enable promising students to take advantage of the extraordinary opportunities and innovative programs provided the Department of Mathematics, and help us to attract the best students to study mathematics at Illinois.

An investment in Illinois Mathematics Scholarships is truly an investment in the future!

Learn about our scholarship recipients

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"Illinois Math Scholarships influenced my decision to attend this university by helping make my education more affordable, and by demonstrating how much this institution values its math students."
      Chloe Marshinski
      Actuarial Science major
      2013 recipient, Illinois Mathematics Excellence Scholarship

"One of the biggest stresses of coming to college for me, and I'm sure a lot of other students as well, is the impending financial repercussions, especially for someone like myself who is relying on loans, that come after graduation. Us math majors know the numbers best on how long we may or may not be paying this down later. The math department here at Illinois offering help means so much. It's a warm and reassuring welcome to a prestigious program."
      Mario Cannamela
      Mathematics major
      2013 recipient, Illinois Mathematics Excellence Scholarship

"This scholarship has provided me with the confidence and motivation to continue to work hard and excel in my studies. As a member of the University of Illinois community, I understand the importance and impact that these scholarships and other opportunities have on the success of the students."
      Michael Palgen
      Actuarial Science major
      2012 recipient, Vincent O. Greene Scholarship

"Receiving a mathematics scholarship made me feel valued for all of my previous hard work and encouraged me to pursue a more rigorous education in mathematics here at the University of Illinois."
      Kelly Sharpe
      Mathematics major
      2013 recipient, Illinois Mathematics Excellence Scholarship

From our donors!

David Hays (BS, Teaching of Mathematics)
Every talented Illinois high school graduate interested in the study of Mathematics should want to come to or at least consider the University of Illinois. Our Department must compete for those students as they are recruited by every top educational institution in the country. Illinois Mathematics Scholarships are but one way we can let these students know just how much we want them to come to the University of Illinois.  Just as some alumni and supporters donate to athletics so that we can recruit top football and basketball talent, we need to support the Department of Mathematics so we can recruit top mathematics talent to the University of Illinois.

Gail Kellogg (BS, Teaching of Mathematics)
"My father was a first generation college graduate of the University, and he instilled in me the extraordinary value of a quality education to self, family, and the world around us. Today's students have to pay a higher-than-ever-price for this, so my commitment to providing scholarship funding help is a very high priority. I urge all alumni to "pay it forward" this way and reap the countless benefits of doing so!

Jerry Levy (BS, Actuarial Science)
I am grateful to the University for giving me the opportunity to find the profession that I dreamed about. My degree in actuarial science led to a career that exceeded my youthful expectations. If your circumstances allow I hope you can join me in supporting math scholarships at the University of Illinois.


If you would like more information about giving to the Department of Mathematics, please contact Evan Tammen, Assistant Director of Development, LAS, (217) 300-5114,