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Differential Equations and Applied Mathematics

Faculty Research

diagram of differential equations research areas Xiaochun Li Richard Laugesen Igor Nikolaev Pierre Albin Burak Erdogan Lee Deville Zoi Rapti Julian Palmore Kay Kirkpatrick Yuliy Baryshnikov Robert Muncaster Vadim Zharnitsky Eduard Kirr Jared Bronski Vera Hur Nikolaos Tzirakis George Francis Anil Hirani Anil Hirani

We are always seeking graduate students to join our group. Are you ready to take a reading course, or choose an adviser? Please come and talk to one of us, or contact the Area Chair (Anil Hirani, 2016-17) for an overview of the opportunities.

Current graduate students (and adviser):

Recent postdoctoral researchers:

Recent graduate students (2008 and later):