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Graduate Courses

The document Graduate Study in Algebra outlines the general areas of algebra studied here and describes the advanced undergraduate and graduate courses that are offered regularly.

Faculty Members in Algebra

Maarten Bergvelt — Representation theory of infinite dimensional Lie algebras, algebraic geometry, super geometry.

Philippe Di Francesco — Mathematical Physics, Enumerative and Algebraic Combinatorics, Integrable models of Statistical Physics, Cluster Algebra, Matrix models, Quantum (Conformal) Field Theory.

Sankar Dutta — Commutative algebra.

Iwan Duursma — Cryptography, algebraic geometry.

William J. Haboush — Algebraic geometry.

Sergei Ivanov — Combinatorial group theory and its applications.

Ilya Kapovich — Geometric and combinatorial group theory.

Sheldon Katz — Algebraic geometry, string theory.

Rinat Kedem — Mathematical physics, representation theory of infinite dimensional Lie algebras, quantum groups, and vertex algebras, integrable models statistical mechanics and quantum field theory.

Randy McCarthy — Algebraic K-theory, algebraic topology.

Igor Mineyev — Geometric group theory, large-scale geometry, hyperbolic groups, various types of homology and cohomology of groups and spaces, topology of manifolds and cell complexes, metric conformal structures, metric geometry.

Thomas Nevins — Algebraic geometry and interactions with noncommutative algebra and integrable systems

Bruce Reznick — Combinatorial methods in algebra, analysis, number theory, combinatorics, geometry.

Hal Schenck — Commutative Algebra and Algebraic Geometry

Alexander Yong — Combinatorial aspects of algebra and geometry; algebraic combinatorics

Postdoctoral Faculty

Laura Escobar — Combinatorial aspects of algebra and algebraic geometry. 

Funda Gultepe — Geometric group theory, low dimensional topology, mapping class groups, outer automorphism groups.

Alexander Miller — Algebraic combinatorics and reflection groups.

Faculty Members in Related Areas

Lou van den Dries — Applications of logic to algebra.

Jeremiah Heller —Motivic homotopy theory, algebraic cycles and K-theory.

Emeriti Faculty

Everett Dade — Representation theory, finite groups, ring theory.

E. Graham Evans, Jr. — Commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, homological algebra, polynomials in several variables.

Robert M. Fossum — Commutative algebra.

Daniel R. Grayson — Algebraic K-theory, motivic cohomology, algebraic geometry, number theory, computational algebra.

Phillip A. Griffith — Commutative algebra, polynomials in several variables, homological algebra, ring theory.

Gerald J. Janusz — Representation theory of finite groups, algebraic number theory, Brauer groups, ring theory.

Leon R. McCulloh — Algebraic number theory, Galois module structure.

Anand Pillay — Model theory and algebra; stability theory, model theory of groups and fields with applications, differential fields.

R. Ranga Rao — Reductive groups and their representations and harmonic analysis on homogeneous spaces.

Derek J. S. Robinson — Group theory, especially infinite soluble groups, permutability of subgroups, chain conditions; Connections with homological algebra; Algorithms for groups.

Paul E. Schupp — Group theory, logic, formal language theory and their interconnections.

Stephen V. Ullom — Algebraic number theory.

John H. Walter — Group theory.

Paul M. Weichsel — Algebraic graph theory, graph theory, combinatorial group theory, combinatorics.

Elliot C. Weinberg — Ordered algebraic structures.