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Faculty Directory with Research Areas

The mailing address for all members of the Department of Mathematics is:
1409 W. Green Street, Urbana, IL 61801. The telephone area code is 217.

Name Rank Research Office Address Office Phone E-mail
Ahlgren, Scott Professor and Associate Chair Number Theory 273A Altgeld Hall 333-1625
Albin, Pierre Assistant Professor Geometry 237A Illini Hall 333-6183
Alexander, J. Ralph Emeritus Geom. Inequalities, Convexity

Alexander, Stephanie Emeritus Differential Geometry 13 Illini Hall 300-0692
Allen, Patrick Assistant Professor Number Theory 340 Illini Hall 265-6300
Ando, Matthew Professor and Chair Algebraic Topology 273B Altgeld Hall 244-2846
Babakhanian, Ararat Emeritus Algebraic Geometry
Balogh, Jozsef Professor Graph Theory 233B Illini Hall 244-1918
Baryshnikov, Yuliy Professor of Mathematics and Electrical & Computer Engineering Dynamical Systems and Mathematical Physics 302 Altgeld Hall 333-5696
Berg, I. David Emeritus Analysis and Geometry 329 Illini Hall 333-8937
Bergvelt, Maarten Associate Professor Geometry of Integrable Systems, Vertex Algebras 333 Illini Hall 333-6326
Berkson, Earl Emeritus Functional Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Complex Functional Theory
Berndt, Bruce Professor Analytic Number Theory, Classical Analysis 215 Altgeld Hall 333-3970
Bishop, Richard Emeritus Differential Geometry 24 Illini Hall
Boca, Florin Professor Operator Algebras, Number Theory 371 Altgeld Hall 244-9928
Bradlow, Steven Professor Geometry/Topology, Algebraic Geometry 322 Illini Hall 333-0384
Braunfeld, Peter Emeritus Mathematics Education 329 Illini Hall 333-8937
Bronski, Jared Professor Non-Linear PDE, Fluid Dynamics 244 Illini Hall 244-8218
Brown, John Emeritus
Craggs, Robert Emeritus Topology, Combinatorial Group Theory
D'Angelo, John Professor Several Complex Variables, Complex Geometry 355 Altgeld Hall 333-6406
Dade, Everett Emeritus Finite Group Representations 24 Illini Hall
DeVille, Lee Associate Professor Applied Math and Differential Equations, Analysis, Probability 344B Illini Hall 333-5601
Dey, Partha Assistant Professor Probability, Mathematical Physics, Interacting Particle Systems 341A Illini Hall 244-9278
Di Francesco, Philippe Morris and Gertrude Fine Distinguished Professor of Mathematics Statistical Physics and Combinatorics 223 Illini Hall 300-5736
Diamond, Harold Emeritus Number Theory 329 Illini Hall 333-8937
Dornhoff, Larry Emeritus Computer-Based Mathematics Education
Dunfield, Nathan Associate Professor Topology and Geometry 378 Altgeld Hall 244-3892
Dutta, Sankar Professor Commutative Algebra 331 Altgeld Hall 333-3168
Duursma, Iwan Professor Algebraic Number Theory, Algebraic Geometry, Cryptography and Coding Theory 303 Altgeld Hall 265-0677
Erdogan, M. Burak Professor Harmonic Analysis, PDE 347 Illini Hall
Evans, E. Graham Emeritus Commutative Algebra
Feng, Runhuan Assistant Professor Actuarial Science, Quantitative Risk Mngmt, Applied Stochastic Processes 367 Altgeld Hall 300-5630
Fernandes, Rui Loja Lois M. Lackner Professor in Mathematics Geometry 346 Illini Hall 300-2431
Ford, Kevin Professor Number Theory 304 Altgeld Hall 265-6255
Fossum, Robert Emeritus Image Formation and Processing, Algebraic Groups
Francis, George Professor Descriptive Topology, Mathematical Visualization 101 Altgeld Hall 418-2035
Fuchs, Elena Assistant Professor Number Theory and Group Actions 359 Altgeld Hall 244-0469
Furedi, Zoltan Emeritus Combinatorics 329 Illini Hall
Gorvett, Rick Associate Professor; Director, Actuarial Science Program; and State Farm Companies Foundation Scholar in Actuarial Science Actuarial Science, Applied Mathematics 374 Altgeld Hall 244-1739
Gray, John Emeritus Category Theory
Grayson, Daniel Emeritus Higher Algebraic K-Theory, Computer Algebra
Griffith, Phillip Emeritus Commutative Algebra
Haboush, William Professor Algebraic groups, their homogeneous spaces and representations 305 Altgeld Hall 333-3976
Haken, Wolfgang Emeritus Geometric Topology
Heins, Maurice Emeritus

Heller, Jeremiah Assistant Professor
362 Altgeld Hall 265-0724
Helms, Lester Emeritus Analysis
Henson, C. Ward Emeritus Mathematical Logic
Hieronymi, Philipp Assistant Professor Logic 332 Illini Hall 300-4994
Hildebrand, A. J. Emeritus Number Theory 13 Illini Hall 244-7721
Hinkkanen, Aimo Professor Complex Analysis, Geometry/Dynamics 345 Illini Hall 244-7306
Hirani, Anil Associate Professor Numerical Analysis, Applied Topology 375 Altgeld Hall 333-2727
Hur, Vera (Mi Kyoung) Associate Professor PDE 269 Altgeld Hall 244-0142
Ivanov, Sergei Professor Group Theory, Topology 373 Altgeld Hall 244-6652
Jacobson, Sheldon Professor of Computer Science (0% Professor of Mathematics)

2232 CS 244-7275
Janusz, Gerald Emeritus Algebraic Number Theory, Binary Codes, Ring Theory
Jockusch, Carl Emeritus Mathematical Logic 24 Illini Hall
Junge, Marius Professor Functional Analysis, Banach Spaces, Operator Spaces and C^*-Algebras 363 Altgeld Hall 333-3304
Kamber, Franz Emeritus Foliation Theory 329 Illini Hall 333-8937
Kapovich, Ilya Professor Group Theory, Low-Dimensional Topology 365 Altgeld Hall 265-0633
Katz, Sheldon Professor Algebraic Geometry, String Theory 301 Altgeld Hall 265-6258
Kaufman, Robert Emeritus Analysis 24 Illini Hall 244-0117
Kedem, Rinat Professor and Lois M. Lackner Faculty Scholar Mathematical Physics, Representation Theory/Algebra 342 Illini Hall 244-1350
Kerman, Ely Associate Professor Symplectic Topology, Hamiltonian Dynamics 326A Illini Hall 265-6710
Kirkpatrick, Kay Assistant Professor Mathematical Physics, Probability, and PDE 231 Illini Hall
Kirr, Eduard-Wilhelm Associate Professor PDE, Nonlinear Analysis 245 Illini Hall 265-5418
Kostochka, Alexandr Professor Combinatorics 234A Illini Hall 265-8037
Kutzarova-Ford, Denka Research Associate Professor Functional Analysis, Approximation Theory 337 Illini Hall 265-6756
LaNave, Gabriele Research Assistant Professor Geometric Analysis 334 Illini Hall
Laugesen, Richard Professor and Director of Graduate Studies Analysis, Differential Equations 259 Altgeld Hall 333-1329
Leininger, Christopher Associate Professor Teichmuller Theory and Mapping Class Groups, Hyperbolic Geometry and Geometric Group Theory 366 Altgeld Hall 265-6763
Lerman, Eugene Professor Geometry and Dynamics 336 Illini Hall 244-9510
Li, Shu Assistant Professor Actuarial Science 361 Altgeld Hall 300-2428
Li, Xiaochun Associate Professor Harmonic Analysis 235 Illini Hall 244-2642
Loeb, Peter Emeritus Potential Theory, Real Analysis, Nonstandard Analysis 329 Illini Hall 333-8664
Luu, Martin Assistant Professor Number Theory 227B Illini Hall 244-9334
McCarthy, Randy Professor and Associate Chair for Instructional Technology, Director of NetMath Program, and Director of Undergraduate Studies Algebraic Topology, Algebraic K-Theory 309 Altgeld Hall 333-1108
McCulloh, Leon Emeritus Algebraic Number Theory 24 Illini Hall 244-0117
McLinden, Lynn Emeritus Nonlinear Optimization, Related Analysis
Miles, Joseph Emeritus Complex Analysis 10 Illini Hall 300-0661
Mineyev, Igor Professor Geometric Group Theory 243A Illini Hall 333-8984
Muncaster, Robert Associate Professor Differential Equations, Evolutionary Game Theory 324 Illini Hall 300-1778
Nevins, Thomas Associate Professor Algebraic Geometry, Algebra 357 Altgeld Hall 265-6762
Nikolaev, Igor Professor Analysis/Geometry, PDE 343 Illini Hall 333-3082
Oikhberg, Timur Research Associate Professor Fundamental Analysis 330 Illini Hall 300-0352
Osborn, Howard Emeritus Differential Topology
Palmore, Julian Professor Chaotic Dynamics, Dynamical Systems 377 Altgeld Hall 333-0407
Pascaleff, James Assistant Professor Symplectic Geometry 341B Illini Hall 244-7277
Peck, Emily Mann Emeritus
Peressini, Anthony Emeritus Mathematics Education 329 Illini Hall 333-8937
Phillips, Clarence Emeritus

Pillay, Anand Emeritus
Porta, Horacio Emeritus Analysis
Portnoy, Esther Emeritus Actuarial Science 24 Illini Hall
Rao, Ranga Emeritus Lie Groups and Lie Algebras
Rapti, Zoi Associate Professor Differential Equations, Mathematical Biology 232 Illini Hall 333-6625
Rezk, Charles Professor and Kuo-Tsai Chen Faculty Scholar Algebraic Topology 242 Illini Hall 265-6309
Reznick, Bruce Professor Algebra, Number Theory, Analysis and Combinatorics 327 Altgeld Hall 333-4284
Robinson, Derek Emeritus Group Theory, Homological Algebra 329 Illini Hall 333-8937
Rosenblatt, Joseph Emeritus Harmonic Analysis, Ergodic Theory 24 Illini Hall
Rothman, Neal Emeritus
Rotman, Joseph Emeritus Algebra 329 Illini Hall 333-1848
Ruan, Zhong-Jin Professor Operator Spaces, Operator Algebras 353 Altgeld Hall 244-6305
Schenck, Hal Professor Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, 327 Illini Hall 333-2229
Schupp, Paul Emeritus Geometric Group Theory, Theory of Computability, Automata Theory 109 Altgeld Hall 265-7147
Sherbert, Donald Emeritus Real Analysis
Solecki, Slawomir Professor and Kenneth I. Appel Faculty Scholar Logic 306 Altgeld Hall 265-0976
Song, Renming Professor Stochastic Analysis, Potential Theory, Markov Processes 338 Illini Hall 244-6604
Sowers, Richard Professor Probability 377 Altgeld Hall 333-6246
Stojanoska, Vesna Assistant Professor Algebraic Topology, Homotopy Theory 323 Illini Hall 265-0883
Stolarsky, Kenneth Emeritus Number Theory, Analysis, Geometry 10 Illini Hall 300-0661
Takeuti, Gaisi Emeritus Mathematical Logic
Tolman, Susan Professor Symplectic Geometry 344A Illini Hall 333-1856
Tondeur, Philippe Emeritus Geometry/Topology, Foliation Theory
Tserunyan, Anush Assistant Professor Descriptive Set Theory 369 Altgeld Hall 300-7009
Tumanov, Alexander Professor Complex Analysis and Geometry 233A Illini Hall 244-4226
Tyson, Jeremy Professor and Director of Illinois Geometry Lab Conformal and Geometric Function Theory, Sub-Riemannian Geometry 329 Altgeld Hall 244-4132
Tzirakis, Nikolaos Associate Professor Dispersive PDE, Harmonic Analysis, Analysis 227A Illini Hall 244-8233
Ullom, Stephen Emeritus Algebraic Number Theory 329 Illini Hall 333-8937
van den Dries, Lou Professor Mathematical Logic, Algebra 308 Altgeld Hall 244-7303
Varodayan, David Research Assistant Professor
231 Illini Hall 300-6548
Walter, John Emeritus Group Theory
Warnow, Tandy Founder Professor of Engineering, Departments of Computer Science and Bioengineering (0% Professor of Mathematics)
CS 300-3087
Weichsel, Paul Emeritus Algebraic Graph Theory, Finite Group Theory 329 Illini Hall 333-8937
Weinberg, Elliot Emeritus Ordered Algebraic Structures
West, Douglas Emeritus Combinatorics and Graph Theory, Discrete Algorithms 226A Illini Hall 333-1863
Wetzel, John Emeritus Combinatorial Geometry
Wu, Jang-Mei Professor Geometric and Complex Analysis 236 Illini Hall 244-7297
Yong, Alexander Associate Professor Algebra, Combinatorics 335 Illini Hall 244-5120
Zaharescu, Alexandru Professor Number Theory 449 Altgeld Hall 265-5439
Zaring, Wilson Emeritus
Zharnitsky, Vadim Professor Applied Mathematics, Analysis 310 Altgeld Hall 244-5032