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Mathematics of Science, Art, Industry, Culture

A MoSAIC Festival
will be held at the
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Friday-Saturday, November 21-22, 2014

MoSAIC Festivals are art/math mini-conferences that incorporate lectures, hands-on workshops, an art exhibition, video screenings, and space for participants to display works which they bring. The festival is open to the public. Activities are designed for students 6th grade and above, but will be fun for kids of all ages.


Click here for a detailed schedule of events.

  • The Art Exhibit in 104 Illini Union will be open from 10am-8pm on Friday Nov 21, and 10am-6pm on Saturday Nov 22.
  • The opening reception, from 5-6 pm, will be in 239 Altgeld Hall.
  • The movie showings and evening presentations on Friday will be in 314 Altgeld Hall.
  • The workshops on Saturday will be in Altgeld Hall Rooms 241-245 and 341-347.
  • The concluding panel discussion will be in 245 Altgeld Hall.

Movies being shown are:

1. Creating an Escher-Like Chessboard, Kevin Lee
2. Taylor Polynomials Tango, Hua-lun Li
3. The Borromean Rings, Charles Gunn and John Sullivan
4. Hexaflexagons, Vi Hart
5. Cutting Sequences on the Double Pentagon, Diana Davis
6. Juggling, George Hart
7. Myriahedral Projections, Jarke J. van Wijk
8. Impossible Motion, Kokichi Sugihara
9. Connecting Dots, Vi Hart
10. Morphohedron, Stephen Wilmoth and Dugan Hammock
11. My Mind is Dancing Happy in the Glowing Light-Stick Ball, George Hart
12. Mazes, Istvan Oros
13. The Optiverse, George Francis, John Sullivan, Stuart Levy
14. The Triptych of the Poincare Disc, Elvis Popovic
15. Hyperdodecahedron, Gian Marco Todesco
16. Change Ringing, George Hart
17. Reel, Vi Hart

Speakers and Workshop Leaders

Bob Bosch, Robert and Eleanor Biggs Professor of Natural Science, Oberlin College
    Talk: Self-imposed constraints in visual art: mathematical optimization approaches
    Workshop: Domino Mosaics

Chris Carlson,
Wolfram Research
    Talk: Exploring Logo Designs Interactively

Judy Holdener
, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Department of Mathematics, Kenyon College
    Talk: Divergence of Sinusoidal Vector Fields: Sources of Flow as Sources of Symmetry
    Workshop: Fun with Iterative Balloon-twisting

Jessica Li,
Illinois Geometry Lab + MIT Primes,
    Workshop: The Mathematics of Snowflakes

Anton Lukyanenko,
University of Michigan,
    Workshop: Geometry of parallel parking

Reza Sarhangi
, President, Bridges Organization; and Professor of Mathematics, Towson University
    Talk: Starry Night – The Art & Design of the Decagram
    Workshop: Fun with Mosaic Designs

Eve Torrence, Professor of Mathematics, Randolph-Macon College
    Talk: Stellation and Sculpture
    Workshop: Modular Origami Dodecahedron

Natalya St. Clair Zielnicki, Harvard University,
    Workshop: Math and Art -- A Teacher's Perspective

Download a copy of the MoSAIC Festival Poster

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The MoSAIC Festival is supported by the Office of Public Engagement, Illinois Geometry Lab, and Department of Mathematics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, John Deere, MSRI, and Bridges.