Syntomic regulators and p-adic integration I Rigid syntomic regulators, by Amnon Besser

The main objective of this paper is to give a new construction of syntomic cohomology for smooth schemes over the ring of integers of a p-adic field and to construct regulators from K-theory into this cohomology. Our construction is better behaved than previous constructions: the resulting cohmology is always finite dimensional, and it maps to most other constructions.

We also define a new cohmology theory, "modified syntomic cohomology" which is better behaved in explicit computations yet is isomorphic to syntomic cohomology in most cases of interest.

The paper has diagrams typeset using xypic and so may require xypic fonts.

Later versions of this work as well as other papers of mine are available here and in the future will be available here.

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