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Master of Arts in Art History
Thesis by Muriel Scheinman

The Department of Mathematics would like to thank Muriel "Mickey" Scheinman for graciously loaning her thesis for scanning. The complete thesis is available here in pdf format. The thesis can also be viewed by individual chapters below.

Table of Contents, Acknowledgements, List of Illustrations
Chapter I. Phenomenal Growth
Chapter II. Planners
Chapter III. Architects
Chapter IV. Library Hall: Details and Sources
Chapter V. Murals, Morals and the Greeks
Chapter VI. French Masters
Chapter VII. Murals: Proposals and Drawings
Chapter VIII. The Four Murals
Appendix A. Draper on Altgeld
Appendix B. Altgeld on Architecture
Appendix C. Ricker: Architect and Educator
Appendix D. Wells: Artist
Illustrations numbered 12-20
Illustrations numbered 21-44
Illustrations numbered 45-70
Illustrations numbered 71-96
Illustrations numbered 97-124
Sources of Illustrations