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Stewart S. Cairns Memorial Lectures

The Stewart S. Cairns Memorial Lectures, held biennially from 1983 to 2006, honors the memory of Stewart S. Cairns (1904-1982), Professor of Mathematics at the University of Illinois from 1948 until his retirement in 1972. Cairns served as Head of the department from 1948-1958. The Cairns Foundation, established by the late Professor Cairns' family, supported this series of public lectures by outstanding mathematicians in the mathematical areas of geometry and topology that were the focus of Professor Cairns' work.

Year Lecturer Lecture Title
1983 Dennis Sullivan
Queens College and CUNY Graduate Center
Dynamics in One Variable - A Rather Complete but Rather Complicated Theory
1985     Sir Michael Atiyah
Oxford University
Ideas from Theoretical Physics
Riemannian Four-Dimensional Manifolds
Algebraic Surfaces
1985 John Milnor
Institute for Advanced Study
Fractals in Dynamical Systems
1986 Mary Ellen Rudin
University of Wisconsin, Madison
The Interplay Between Old Fashioned Topology and Set Theory - Or How to Build Really Strange Manifolds
1988 William Browder
Princeton University
Finite Transformation Groups
1989 William Thurston
Princeton University
Automatic Groups, Conway's Tiling Groups and Self-Similar Tilings
1990 Andrew Casson
University of California at Berkeley
3-Dimensional Topology
Plausible and Implausible Approaches to the 3-Dimensional Poincare Conjecture
1991 John R. Stallings
University of California at Berkeley
Group Triangles of Non-Positive Curvature
Negatively Curved Groups and Related Conceptors
Group Theoretic Ideas Related to Simple Connectedness at Infinity for 3 Manifolds
1992 John Morgan
Columbia University
Gauge Theory and the Topology of 4-Manifolds: Introduction and Overview
Connections with Algebraic Geometry
A Meyer-Vietoris Principal for Self-Dual Connections and Its Applications
1994 Raoul Bott
Harvard University
Invariants of Manifolds: Remembrance of Things Past
On the Relations between Mathematics and Physics
Rational Homotopy and the Integral Geometry of Knots
1996 Robert MacPherson
Institute for Advanced Study
Topology of Spaces with Torus Actions
1999 William Fulton
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Eigenvalues, Invariant Factors, Highest Weights, and Schubert Calculus
2000 Frank Quinn
Virginia Polytechnic Institute
Why is the Fourth Dimension So Weird?:
"High" and "Low" Collide in Dimension 4
Topological 4-Manifolds: Wild Techniques, Tame Results
Smooth 4-Manifolds: Physics Shows the Way, Sort Of
2002 Shmuel Weinberger
University of Chicago
Towards a Calculus of Symmetry
2004 Dusa McDuff
SUNY at Stony Brook
The Topology of Symplectomorphism Groups
Ono's Proof of the Flux Conjecture
Comparing Toric and Symplectic Automorphism Groups
2006 Bruce Kleiner
Yale University
Perelman's work on Thurston's Geometrization Conjecture
The asymptotic geometry of negatively curved spaces: uniformization, geometrization, and rigidity