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Course Syllabi for Instructors

Any problems or discrepancies with these syllabi should be reported the Department of Mathematics Associate Chair at

Undergraduate Courses
Math 002 Introductory Algebra
Math 112 Algebra
Math 114 Trigonometry
Math 103 Theory of Arithmetic
Math 115 Preparation for Calculus
Math 117 Elementary Mathematics
Math 119 Ideas in Geometry
Math 124 Finite Mathematics
Math 125 Elementary Linear Algebra
Math 181 A Mathematical World
Math 198 Freshman Seminar
Math 199 Undergraduate Open Seminar

Math 210 Theory of Interest
Math 213 Basic Discrete Mathematics
Math 220 Calculus
Math 221 Calculus I
Math 225 Introductory Matrix Theory
Math 231 Calculus II
Math 234 Calculus for Business I
Math 241 Calculus III
Math 285 Intro to Differential Equations
Math 286 Intro to Differential Equations Plus
Math 290 Symbolic Computation Lab

Math 347 Fundamental Mathematics
Math 370 Actuarial Problem Solving

Math 402 Non Euclidean Geometry
Math 403 Euclidian Geometry
Math 406 History of Calculus
Math 410 Lin Algebra & Financial Apps
Math 412 Graph Theory
Math 413 Intro to Combinatorics
Math 414 Mathematical Logic
Math 415 Applied Linear Algebra
Math 416 Abstract Linear Algebra
Math 417 Intro to Abstract Algebra
Math 418 Into to Abstract Algebra II
Math 423 Differential Geometry
Math 424 Honors Real Analysis
Math 425 Honors Advanced Analysis
Math 427 Honors Abstract Algebra
Math 428 Honors Topics in Mathematics
Math 432 Set Theory and Topology
Math 441 Differential Equations
Math 442 Intro to Partial Differential Equations
Math 444 Elementary Real Analysis
Math 446 Applied Complex Variables
Math 447 Real Variables
Math 448 Complex Variables
Math 453 Elementary Theory of Numbers
Math 461 Probability Theory I
Math 471 Life Contingencies I
Math 472 Life Contingencies II
Math 476 Investments and Financial Markets
Math 478 Loss Models
Math 479 Casualty Actuarial Mathematics
Math 481 Vector and Tensor Analysis
Math 482 Linear Programming and Combinatorial Optimization
Math 484 Nonlinear Programming
Math 487 Advanced Engineering Math
Math 488 Math Methods in Engineering
Math 489 Dynamics & Differential Eqns
Math 490 Topics in Mathematics
Math 499 Introduction Graduate Research

Graduate Courses
Math 500
Abstract Algebra I
Math 501 Abstract Algebra II
Math 502 Commutative Algebra
Math 503 Introduction to Geometric Group Theory
Math 505 Homological Algebra
Math 506 Group Representation Theory
Math 510 Riemann Surfaces & Algebraic Curves
Math 511 Intro to Algebraic Geometry
Math 512 Modern Algebraic Geometry
Math 514 Complex Algebraic Geometry
Math 518 Differentiable Manifolds I
Math 519 Differentiable Manifolds II
Math 522 Lie Groups and Lie Algebras I
Math 525 Algebraic Topology I
Math 526 Algebraic Topology II
Math 527 Homotopy Theory
Math 530 Algebraic Number Theory
Math 531 Analytic Theory of Numbers I
Math 532 Analytic Theory of Numbers II
Math 533 Fiber Spaces and Char Classes
Math 535 General Topology
Math 540 Real Analysis
Math 541 Functional Analysis
Math 542 Complex Variables I
Math 543 Complex Variables II
Math 545 Harmonic Analysis
Math 546 Hilbert Spaces
Math 547 Banach Spaces 
Math 550 Dynamical Systems I
Math 551 Dynamical Systems II
Math 553 Partial Differential Equations
Math 554 Linear Anal & Part Diff Eq
Math 555 Nonlinear Anal & Part Diff Eq
Math 558 Methods of Applied Mathematics
Math 561 Theory of Probability I
Math 562 Theory of Probability II
Math 563 Risk Modeling and Analysis
Math 564 Applied Stochastic Processes
Math 565 Actuarial Models for Life Contingencies
Math 567 Actuarial Models for Financial Economics
Math 568 Actuarial Loss Models
Math 569 Casualty Actuarial Science
Math 570 Mathematical Logic
Math 571 Model Theory
Math 573 Recursive Function Theory
Math 574 Set Theory
Math 580 Combinatorial Mathematics
Math 581 Extremal Graph Theory
Math 582 Structure of Graphs
Math 583 Partial Orders and Comb Optim
Math 584 Methods of Combinatorics
Math 585 Probabilistic Combinatorics
Math 588. Optimization in Networks
Math 589 Conjugate Duality and Optim
Math 595 Advanced Topics in Math
Math 597 Reading Course
Math 598 Literature Seminar in Math
Math 599 Thesis Research

Course Catalog and Schedule

Syllabi for old courses no longer maintained.